Stump Removal

Aesthetically, stumps are an eye sore. Not only does a stump lack curb appeal, it can also be a hazard and cause future problems for your home and property.

Thinking about removing that ugly stump? No matter the size. We can help you with your stump removal project.


General reasons for a stump removal


  • Simply, it’s unattractive and needs to go.
  • It is in the way. Mowing and edging the stump can be a pain. It is even a bigger pain if you mow too close and end up replacing a damaged mower blade or even worse, the lawn mower itself.
  • A stump can be a hazard. It just takes a little bit of not paying attention and you could have a bigger issue on your hands.
  • A dead stump can become a pest paradise. Stumps can serve as a perfect host for termites and other insects.┬áThis might be ok and even help speed up the natural decomposing process, until those pesky critters decide to move into your home.
  • They take up space. If you are working on new landscape project or putting in a new addition to your home and that plan does not involve the stump. ┬áStump removal is the all so obvious choice.




Kansas Exterior Maintenance is proud to offer our customers free estimates on all tree trimming, tree removal and stump removal projects. Making sure that you are comfortable with the work being done on your property is our highest priority. We never want our customers to face surprises when it comes to their tree-related projects, which is why our estimates are backed by a promise of great service.