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Tree Removal

Tree removal is, by far, the most dangerous aspect of arboriculture. Taking down a tree requires a great deal of expertise to perform successfully. Tree workers, quite often, work in spaces where the tree is growing next to the home, near utility lines and other precarious areas. We pride ourselves on being safe and giving you the best experience. This is why we take extra precautions when working around your home by covering and protecting the surrounding vegetation and landscape.

Typical Reasons for a Tree Removal

  • The tree is or becoming a hazard. The tree becomes a hazard when it puts you, your property or your surrounding community in danger.  If the tree is on your property, it is ultimately your responsibility. Is the tree leaning toward any property or over the sidewalk? Is the tree growing into the foundation of your home? There are many reasons why a tree can be hazardous. Some reasons are obvious and some not so obvious. We would recommend a certified arborist to asses your specific situation.
  • The tree is deceased.  Not only can a dead tree pose as a hazard, it can serve as a host to unwanted guests such as termites and other pests.
  • The tree is unhealthy. At Kansas Exterior Maintenance we would rather save your tree rather than remove it. In some cases, the tree is just too far gone and removal is necessary.
  • Storm Damage. If the weather has damaged the tree enough that the damage will kill the tree or made it a danger to people and surroundings. Tree removal is the natural choice.
  • New Construction or Additions. Trees that are compromising your plans for a home addition or a new construction project are very common tree removal candidates.
  • Eliminating Competition.  Removals are useful when wanting to grow the vegetation under or surrounding the tree. Taking down the tree will eliminate the competition for sunlight




Kansas Exterior Maintenance is proud to offer our customers free estimates on all tree trimming, tree removal and stump removal projects. Making sure that you are comfortable with the work being done on your property is our highest priority. We never want our customers to face surprises when it comes to their tree-related projects, which is why our estimates are backed by a promise of great service.