With countless uses of mulch, it will most definitely bring some life to your landscape. Use mulch in your flower beds, surround your trees, around a fire pit installation or use it around stepping stones. The possibilities are endless. There are several different types of mulch available, all with advantages and disadvantages. Here are a couple of the most commonly used types of mulch.


Bark Mulch and Wood Chips

Bark mulch is shredded bark of a certain tree and wood chips are exactly what it sounds like, wood chippings off of a certain tree. Both are a natural and organic way to bring texture to your landscape. There are many advantages to using an organic mulch.

  • Advantages to Bark Mulch and Wood Chippings

One advantage would be the ability to retain moisture. The mulch will slow the evaporation process and actually help with absorption. More advantages would be, declining the rate of weed growth, enhancing the soil quality through natural decomposition and the protection of plant roots through harsh and fluctuating weather conditions.

  • Disadvantages to Bark Mulch and Wood Chippings

Pests could inhabit the mulch and possibly harm certain plants. Another disadvantage is that, since these specific mulches are organic, they will begin to decompose over time and you will have to replenish the areas after a certain number of years. More disadvantages would be, installing bark or wood chips in a high washout area will not work for obvious reasons and colors will deteriorate over time.



Using rock in landscaping can bring a certain elegant style to your landscape. There are many different types and colors of rock used for mulching but the majority of those yield the same results.

  • Advantages of Using Rock

Besides the variety of colors and textures available. Rock has an advantage over the organic mulches in the sense of paying more money up front for the rock mulch but will pay for itself over an extended period of time. As mentioned above, the organic mulches decompose over time. Whereas rock, will last lifetimes.

  • Disadvantages of Using Rock

Using rock as an overlay for landscaping can be a cleaning hassle when installed under a high tree debris and leaf descending area. Another disadvantage would be that rock can become hot during the spring and summer months and actually damage the shallow roots of a plant.



There are several different types of mulches. Find the right one to fit your homes unique style or the design you are trying to accomplish. With your ideas in mind and our know how and how to. There is nothing we cannot accomplish together. We offer all customers free no obligation consultations and estimates for all of our services. Lets bring life to your landscape!