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Q- What trees grow best in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas?

A- Many types of trees grow well in Kansas; including various oak and maple trees, as well

as fruit trees and many varieties of evergreens, willow, poplar, pine and aspens. Which

tree is right for you depends on what you want from your tree and your soil conditions.

Call one of our pros today for a helpful consultation.



Q- What shrubs grow best is the sandy soil surrounding Wichita KS

A- There are numerous types of shrubs that grow well In the Wichita area. However; here

is a few of our favorite suggestions. Depending on your needs we can find a selection of

shrubs perfect for you needs be it security, fragrance, or all year around color.

Various Boxwoods shrubs

Various Holly shrubs



Wax Myrtle

Lilac bushes



Q- What is the best grass to plant in south central Kansas?

A- There are four major types we recommend to our customers those are; Zoysia, Bermuda,

Fescue, and Buffalo grasses. Depending on your soil conditions and time of year these four

choices will have you covered. Call us today for a free consultation!



Q- Best time for tree and shrub pruning in Kansas

A- The majority of tree Care Company’s prefer to prune in the fall, but that is not

always the best time to prune your trees. Here at Kansas Exterior Maintenance we

don’t tell our customers when to prune their trees. This is not because we want to

keep the knowledge to ourselves but because we believe that is should be decided

upon a tree-to- tree basis, not all trees and shrubs are identical. However; any dead,

broken, damaged or potentially hazardous trees or limbs should be taken care of

immediately. As well as, any large limbs or trees directly overhanging a house or

other structure, these conditions are dangerous and potentially deadly so please

leave it to the pros. Call us for a free quote.



Q- What is your quote process?

A- At Kansas Exterior Maintenance we provide a copy of our comprehensive quote at

the beginning for free to the customer. In this quote we include the total cost, time

for the work to be performed, and any other pertinent information. With us there

are never any hidden fees or surprises at the end of the job. At Kansas Exterior

Maintenance we think this is how it should be!



Q- How much should I water my lawn in Kansas?

A- Mother Nature provides water for your lawn and landscape in the Wichita area but,

sometimes she needs a little help. Temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees in

the summer in our area. Your lawn should receive 1-1.5 inches of water per week.

Areas near cement and asphalt need attention also because the soil around these

structures is considerably warmer than the soil in the center of the lawn. Look for

signs of drought stress such as, yellow or brownish areas, and if the grass does not

spring back from foot prints. If any signs of drought are showing, water immediately,

however; early morning is best.



Q- Is the lawn builder package for me?

A- In most cases the lawn builder package is perfect for the home owner who wants a

perfect lawn but may not have the time to seed, aerate, fertilize, and mow. However; if

a home owner mows their own lawn then we recommend just to seed, aerate, and

fertilize the lawn for the homeowner. When we do those three together it is cheaper

than if we were to only Overseed and fertilize.



Q- Does Kansas Exterior Maintenance water landscape for customers?

A- As a general rule we do not, but we have made exceptions in the past for some of our




Q- What kind of guarantee do you offer when overseeding?

A- With our over seeding we offer a onetime free over seeding if it does not take hold.

However; it is the home owners responsibility to make sure they water their lawn 2 days

prior to our over seeding operations and they must continue to water their lawn

regularly. In Wichita Kansas the summers can be long, hot, and dry. With no water there

will be no grass!



Q- Do you offer grass bagging?

A- We prefer to mulch the grass; the proper term is grass-cycling. Grass-cycling provides up

to 25% of the nitrogen your lawn needs for the year. This saves us time and saves you




Q- What guarantee do you offer for the planting of trees, shrubs, and flowers?

A- If we plan a tree, shrub, or flower for you we offer free one-time replants if the

transplant does not take on the first go round. (with the exception of large trees) It is

the responsibility of the property owner to water the plants that we plant, as with grass

if there is no water it will not grow. We do offer a fertilization program to help establish

the root system.



Q- Do you guys work on a contract basis?

A- Generally no we do not sign contract unless it is for lawn care or commercial clients.

Instead we choose to use a work invoice system, this way the client knows every

time we perform a service and every detail associated with that service. This way we

know about any service issues or complaints. Other company’s make you sign a

contract then have no contact with you till they want your money… that’s not right

by us.



Q- Do you offer discounts?

A- Yes, we offer discounts to all military personnel and first responders. Wichita, Ks is the

air capitol so our service men and women are important to us at Kansas Exterior




Q- What do I do about damages?

A- Contact us immediately if you spot any damage from one of our crews. We will fix it in a

timely manner. We will not except expense receipts for damages we were not made

aware of and given a chance to fix.



Q- How do I cancel my service?

A- Since we don’t use contracts, it’s as easy as telling us no thanks!